Why do you run, Matthew L Thompson?

About Matthew

Welcome to a blog series called “Why do you run?“. I hope to publish inspiring insights from runners I know, on why they started running and continue to do so.

Matthew likes to run, and likes to run a lot! He is a member of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill chapter of Black Men Run. I’ve never properly met the famous MLT, but we’ve often passed each other on our runs and will plan to run together some day soon!

Why did you start running?

I was tricked. I didn’t realize I was training to run a half marathon…by the time the race came I was in love.

What keeps you motivated?

I thoroughly enjoy running…I don’t have to talk myself into…I really love it. My motivation is that I want to do as long as I can.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt as a runner?


If you couldn’t run, what would you do instead?


What’s your biggest running goal?

Marathon PR: 4 Hours 2 Minutes 56 Seconds.

You can follow Matthew on Instagram at @run_mlt

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