Why do you run, Ashita Banerjee?

About Ashita

Welcome to a blog series called “Why do you run?“. I hope to publish inspiring insights from runners I know, on why they started running and continue to do so.

I met Ashita when she started running with Morrisville Run Club. She fitted right in with the group and took her running very seriously, and we watched her break many PRs. One of the most memorable was back in October at Bull City Race Fest.

Since then Ashita has moved to Europe with her family. I know the group really misses her physical presence and encouragement. However, with today’s communication tools, like WhatsApp, sometimes it’s like she never left. There has been many a virtual run, virtual prodding and accountability in the months she has been gone.

Why did you start running?

Being a smoker for close to 15 years my lungs were not capable of running but every time I would see someone run by the river in UK I would be amazed, this became a reason to become clean and quit smoking and it took 2 years.

During this time I tried running in the treadmill a would not last more that 2 mins and then in US while walking the Apex lake trail I would see women older and younger than me run, so out of the blue I asked my husband to register us for a 5k which was his company event and to my surprise I won a gold medal finishing my race in 28 mins and that feeling that I can run was just amazing and then there was no stopping me.

So why did I start Running coz it made me happy it made me feel that at 40 years of age as well I can do a lot of things and I can set new targets and try and achieve them.

What keeps you motivated?

Motivation comes from a lot of things and people who have been directly or indirectly connected to me due to running. My biggest motivation factor is my family, But a lot comes from people I see following running as passion day in and day out.

I started running with Morrisville running club in May 2018 hand these guys are so motivating. They would never leave you behind coz u ran slow they would pull you along. Even when I am 3955 kms away in a different country their daily messages on the group chat about how they are planning a run or who ran how much or pushing you on a low day that’s keeps me motivated.

For me motivation also comes from a lot of runners I follow on insta their stories and their achievements push me harder and motivate me to do so much better.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt as a runner?

Follow the process and stay focused rest all will fall in place.

If you couldn’t run, what would you do instead?

Strength training, pick some heavy weights.

What’s your biggest running goal?

Complete a full marathon in 4 hours and run one race with my daughter (still trying hard to get her to start running).

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