Why do you run, Amanda Headlee?

Amanda Headlee

About Amanda

Welcome to a new blog series called “Why do you run?“. I hope to publish inspiring insights from runners I know, on why they started running and continue to do so.

Amanda works out of our office in PA. While she does visit our Durham office from time to time, we have not yet managed to schedule a run together. Until that happens, Amanda, and many other colleagues from across our sites, keep up with everyone’s activities in our Strava club.

Why did you start running?

There is something about being able to lose yourself while running that is so alluring. Up until 3 years ago, I was strictly a cyclist. Marathons were a pipe dream for one who could barely survive running a mile. I preferred cranking away on my bike than slapping my feet on the pavement.

Then 3 years ago I went through a life changing event that caused me to lose myself and my connection with the world. I found myself unable to concentrate while riding my bike, which the results of that could be quite deadly. And I lost my love for going to the gym and group exercises.

One day of feeling lost and incredibly out of shape, I went out for a walk in no specific direction and my body decided at one point to run. To this day I can’t tell you if I was running away or running towards something… and I honestly don’t care because it was in that moment I fell in love with running.

I have found that with running, I can escape quietly into my thoughts all the while pushing my body to limits that I never thought were achievable.

What keeps you motivated?

My heart and mind. Heart disease is unfortunately a threat in my family and I am sometimes afflicted by sadness. Cardiovascular exercises are the perfect medicine for both diseases as I plan to live happy and healthy well into my 100s.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt as a runner?

That I am good enough.

If you couldn’t run, what would you do instead?

I’d probably be hardcore into cyclocross. At the moment I am struggling to find the balance between running, cycling, and writing. Cyclocross has been put on the backburner for marathon training.

What’s your biggest running goal?

Causeway Coast Marathon in September 2019! Maybe one day I will do a Tri… if I can get into swimming.

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