Hot Chocolate 15k Charlotte Pre-Race Update

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I’ve been both excited and nervous about this race. Excited because I love the atmosphere of race day, and nervous because I’ve set a target that at times I’m not sure I can achieve.

I took the day off work today and drove down to Charlotte early (after a short run of course) so I could visit the Expo and chill out a little before tomorrow.

My wife Liz, daughter Katie, and youngest son Xander came with me to cheer me on and take advantage of a wee weekend break in Charlotte.

We booked the Sheraton, the same hotel as the Expo, which had a special rate for race participants.

The hotel is very nice and convenient to downtown and the race start line of the Hot Chocolate 15k. We arranged a late checkout so we have plenty of time after the race to come back, shower and change.

Before we actually checked in we had a walk around the Expo.

I was really hoping we could buy an additional race shirt (the race shirts are so good), but they weren’t selling them. They did have a swap stand though, if the top you received was not the right size.

Later we wandered into downtown Charlotte for something to eat, then came back and spent some time in the hotel pool. They have a nice gym here too which Liz and Katie plan to use in the morning.

The weather is not looking great for tomorrow. Supposed to be raining all day. I’m really hoping it’s not all that bad. It’s hard believe rain is coming at all after the weather we have today.

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