2017 in Running

In 2017, I logged a total of 1132.5 miles. That’s an average of 94 miles a month, or 22 miles a week, or a 5K every single day!

I ran a total of 226 times. This means every time I left for a run, I ran an average of 5 miles.

It’s weird now as a runner, that being sick is worse because I can’t get out to run. I was out sick and unable to run for 21 days in 2017.

All of that running took 184 hours and 7 mins, which means my average pace was around 9.45/mi — this includes road, trail, stroller runs etc.

I participated in five races throughout 2017: Krispy Kreme Challenge at the start of Feburary, Running Of The Bulls 8K in June, Night Nation 5K in August, Cup Cake 5K in October and the amazing Race Across Durham 10 miler in December.

My favorite races were the Running Of The Bulls 8k and the Race Across Durham, both organized by Bull City Running Co.

It took four pairs of running shoes to get me through this year:

  • Hoka One One Clifton 3 (445 mi — Retired)
  • Hoka One One Clifton 3 (390 mi — Retired)
  • Hoka One One Clifton 3 (255 mi — Active)
  • Hoka One One Challenger ATR 3 (25 mi — Active)

I like Hokas. 🙂

The Challenger ATR’s are for trails, which in 2017 became my new favorite running terrain, and the Eno River State Park became one of my favorite places to run.

2017 was the year for PRs: 4:18 for 1K in September, 7:24 for 1 mile in March, 23:45 for 5K in September, 51:34 for 10K in February, and 2:04:58 for 13.1 miles in May.

Aside from PRs, I ran my longest ever distance at 16 miles.


In 2018 I would love to get my half-marathon time well under 2 hrs (hopefully in March at the Tobacco Road Marathon). I am also aiming to get my 10K time down to 50 mins or less.

In addition to just running, core strength training is something I need to work into my routine.

Also, in 2018 I will be part of the BibRave Pro team, which is an amazing opportunity to run and review races for free, plus review some of the newest running products on the market. Check out bibrave.com for race reviews before signing up for your next race!


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