Photos: St.Augustine, FL

We loved St.Augustine. Liz and I took Xander with us and spent a few days there, just before thanksgiving. The architecture and layout of the town reminded us of Europe and we loved exploring the maze of streets and shops.

STORYCHURCH Set List – 08 Nov 2015

  • King Of Heaven – Paul Baloche (G)
  • God With Us – Mercyme (G)
  • Oh You Bring – Hillsong (G)
  • Whom Shall I Fear – Chris Tomlin (C)
  • At The Cross (Love Ran Red) – Chris Tomlin (G)
  • Scandal Of Grace – Hillsong (G)

STORYCHURCH Set List – 01 Nov 2015

  • This Is Amazing Grace – Jeremy Riddle (B)
  • Never Let Go – Matt Redman (B)
  • I Am – David Crowder (B)
  • Whom Shall I Fear – Matt Redman (B)
  • Good Good Father – Housefires (A)
  • Break Every Chain – United Pursuit (A)

The band on Sunday consisted of Craig on bass, Ricky on drums, myself on guitar/vocals, Jillien on vocals, and Jaye on guitar/vocals.

It was really good to be back at church on Sunday after a 6 week hiatus. I really appreciate the team for taking on the extra responsibility while I took time off to welcome little Xander into the world.

I also want to thank our STORYCHURCH people for blessing our family during this time. Your generous gifts and warm cooked meals were an amazing help to us.



From left to right: Chris, Noah, Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah Kate, Xander, Nathan, Ethan, Rajeev, Asha, Anna, Emili, and myself.

Family is a wonderful thing. This weekend it was fun to spend time with some family, meeting new members and catching up with others we haven’t seen a while. We ate, we drank, and we talked into the early hours. Good times.

Movie Review: Goosebumps


I went on a little date with my daughter Katie this week to see Goosebumps. We went Frank’s Theater over at Parkside in Cary, NC. It’s a relatively new cinema that offers a full “Dine & Recline” service.

As you can see, Katie really enjoyed reclining while waiting for her food to arrive. I only had one complaint – the straws were too short. We had to lift our cups to drink.

The movie itself was decent enough. Katie seemed to enjoy it. Neither of us are familiar with the Goosebumps world, so I couldn’t tell you if it tied in well or not. We’re both big Jack Black fans (read Nacho Libre), however I feel he was nearly restricted in this movie and had to dial back his quirkiness.

I liked the cast – especially Ryan Lee who played “Champ”, the comical side-kick. You may recognize him from his role as “Cary” in Super 8.

I rated Goosebumps 6/10. Other movies I have rated the same include Pacific Rim, Hercules (2014), Divergent and Lucy. In other words, it’s probably OK to wait and watch this one on DVD.



Where did the weekend go? It just flew by. We managed to get out a bit more this weekend with Xander.

He went to his first high school football game on Friday evening. We watched Nathan perform with the Panther Creek marching band after the game.

On Saturday we went to watch Riptide (Noah’s soccer team) beat Firestorm 5:1, with Noah scoring that 5th goal.

Xander failed to make it to church Sunday, but he did manage to get out later that afternoon to watch Riptide beat Inferno 5:2.

Liz was a calming presence at the Sunday afternoon game and prevented me from getting into trouble with parents from the opposing team. :-)


Music Review: Soak – New Life Worship

soak-newlifeworshipI’ve never been big into instrumental albums, particularly “worship” instrumental albums.

Integrity Music very kindly sent me SOAK from New Life Worship to review and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. It is very “synthy” and airy, and at times has a Gungor feel to it.

I’m able to listen to it at work without it being a distraction to what I’m doing, and also works well in the car to help me reflect and relax.

I feel like some of the transitions between songs were a little jarring, and smoother transitions would have made a much better album.

Overall, it’s a great piece of work from New Life Worship, and I’m definitely more open to other instrumental works because of it.

Movie Review: The Martian


I loved this movie. Ridley Scott did a great job with the movie version of the Andy Weir’s story – and Matt Damon was perfect as the lone astronaut Mark Watney.

There were more events in the book that I wish they could have included in the movie. With a running time of 2 hours, I understand some things had to be cut.

Mark Watney’s attitude and determination in spite of his circumstances makes it a very enjoyable story to watch even though we’re not certain whether he will make it off the planet or not, until the end.

Such a great story of human determination in the face of disaster after disaster.

“You solve one problem and then the next. You solve enough problems and you get to come home.”

I rated “The Martian” 9/10.

Katie & Xander

I love this photo from today. Katie was a little upset at first to find out that she had a new baby brother, and not a new baby sister.

She got over that very quickly after meeting Xander, and now loves him to bits. She’s going to be such a great big sister to this little fella.