Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 14 Sep 2014

  • Here For You – Matt Redman (A)
  • Come As You Are – Crowder (A)
  • My Savior Lives – Glenn Packiam (A)
  • Lord I Need You – Matt Maher (B)
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown (B)
Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 11 May 2014


  • My Guardian – Ben Cantelon (F)
  • I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin (Bb)
  • Never Once – Matt Redman (B)
  • Beautiful Things – Gungor (D)
  • Great I Am – Jared Anderson (D)
Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 04 Aug 2013

  • I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin (B)
  • One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture (B)
  • Endless Light – Hillsong (B)
  • God Of This City – BlueTree (B)
  • Jesus Paid It All – Kristen Stanfill (B)
Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 21 Jul 2013

  • My Savior Lives – Glenn Packiam (A)
  • God Is Able – Hillsong (A)
  • Your Love Never Fails – Chris McClarney (A)
  • God Of The Redeemed – Jeremy Riddle (B)
  • How He Loves – John Mark McMillan (B)

Sunday was part 3 of our “One Verb…” series.  We talked about how heat of the moment decisions can lead to cold realities.  You can check out the podcast here (PG-13).

We changed the stage around on Sunday.  We got a new short-throw projector that allowed us to pull the screen way back and reclaim most of the stage.

Here’s a short video to show you how that looked.

Set Lists

STORY CHURCH Set List – 10 Mar 2013 #sundaysetlists #worshipset

  • Like A Lion – Daniel Bashta (B)
  • Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman (B)
  • All Who Are Thirsty – Brenton Brown (E)
  • Pursuit – Daniel Bashta (E)
  • Hosanna – Brooke Fraser (E)

This morning’s set was fun to play, particularly the second set (last three songs) where Jillien led and I could focus on playing guitar more.

It’s the second week we have used the in-ear monitors instead of the floor wedge.  We made this move to reduce the on-stage volume and allow for cleaner mixes in the room.


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Song Ideas For Your St.Patrick’s Day Church Service


It’s St.Patrick’s Day on Sunday, 17th March. I noticed in my blog stats that some people have been searching for St.Patrick’s Day worship set ideas. Well, here are some songs that you could use.

I couldn’t find any specific songs about ridding a country completely of snakes.  I know Florida could do with some help here.  Sorry.

They are all Irish worship songs and the listed artists have penned many more songs than I have listed here.

  • Be Thou My Vision – Dallán Forgaill
  • You Bled – Rend Collective Experiment
  • Praise Like Fireworks – Rend Collective Experiment
  • Hungry – Kathryn Scott
  • We Still Believe – Kathryn Scott
  • Days Of Elijah – Robin Mark
  • Jesus, All For Jesus – Jennifer Atkinson and Robin Mark
  • God Of This City – BlueTree
  • In Christ Alone – Keith Getty
  • Deeper Still – Eoghan Heaslip


Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 17 Feb 2013 #sundaysetlists #worshipset

  • Like A Lion – Daniel Bashta (A)
  • Your Love Never Fails – Chris McClarney (A)
  • Oh You Bring – Hillsong (G)
  • God Of The Redeemed – Jeremy Riddle (G)
  • 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman (G)

I was super proud of the Story Church band this weekend.  I finally convinced Darrell to step up to the mic and lead some songs.  He did a great job, and I can tell you it won’t be the last time you see him do that.  Right, Darrell?

Big thanks to Ricky for standing in at the last moment as well.

It must be the second or third Sunday in over 3 years that I’ve been able to sit in the service, worship along with the congregation and listen intently to the sermon without thinking through the second set.  It was awesome.

My goal is to increase the frequency of that and continue to train and raise worship leaders from within our congregation.  God has blessed Story Church with great people and I pray he will continue to send more people our way.

This year I can see Story Church musicians starting to branch out.  No longer will we just be leading worship on Sunday mornings for our own congregation.  We will see bands out leading at local events, struggling churches, prisons, fund raising events, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

There are already a few events on the calendar for this year that I’ll be putting bands together for.  I’ll keep you all posted.