Join Us for The Worship Central Course!

I won’t lie. I’m pretty excited about this!

Beginning Tuesday June 9th @ 7.30pm (continuing every 2 weeks), we will be walking through the excellent 7 part Worship Central course at STORYCHURCH (100 Pleasant Dr, Durham, NC 27703).

  • Session 1: Why Is Worship Central
  • Session 2: Encounter God
  • Session 3: Leading Worship
  • Session 4: Releasing Creativity
  • Session 5: The Effective Team
  • Session 6: How To Play Together
  • Session 7: The Authentic Leader

If you’re on a worship team or simply have a passion for worship, we’d love (love, love) for you to join us. It’s true, you could download the materials yourself and work through them with your own teams, at your own church. But where’s the craic in that?

At each session we will hang out (~30mins), worship together (~20mins), watch the session video (~25mins), discuss what we watched (~20mins) and then finally pray together (~15mins). It will be awesome.

Not only will our individual worship teams be better for it, but we will be connecting teams across the city, and the triangle, enabling us to be a support to each other. We’re all in this together.

So, action time! Sign up for FREE at our STORYCHURCH connection group page and let us know you’re coming!


Video: Stand Up – Worship Central #setapart

This week I’m listening to a great new album release from Worship Central called “Set Apart”. One of my favorite songs so far off the album is “Stand Up” by Luke Hellebronth. The album is available now for pre-order on iTunes and releases Oct 27th.


New Music: Let It Be Known – Worship Central

A little different for Worship Central. Oh Oh Oh Up Up Up.

I kind of like it.

What do you think of it?