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New Original Song: With All Of My Heart

I wrapped up a new song last night. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, having only one verse and a chorus. It wasn’t until recently when I was inspired by a verse in Ruth, that I sat down to complete this version of the song.

I wrote three further verses a couple of nights ago. Then last night it all came together: the original verse became the chorus and the original chorus became the pre-chorus.

I’ll try to make a video of this when I polish it up a bit more. Let me know what you think (listen below).

This draft is recorded in Garageband, with a Focusrite audio interface, an SM58 microphone for the vocals and the guitar plugged direct.

The lyrics and chords are here:ย With All My Heart.

If you have trouble with the player, you can download the mp3 here.

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Video: Let Your Kingdom Come (Original) // Chords

Here is a video of my latest song. Been fighting with this one for a while, so I’m glad to finally finish it. You can download the chords here.

We are seeking for the city that is to come
Where you’re seated there upon the throne
No more crying, no more hurting, all worry will be gone
Voices singing, worthy is the lamb

Where your glory shines around
There no darkness can be found

Let your kingdom
Let your kingdom come
May your will be
May your will be done

We are praying for our city to know your love
Let us work together in unity
Healing the sick, mending the broken, all in Jesus name
Bringing hope and grace to every soul in need

On earth as it is in heaven
On earth as it is in heaven