Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 15 Nov 2015

  • Here For You – Matt Redman (A)
  • Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture (A)
  • Your Promises – Elevation Church (A)
  • No Longer Slaves – Bethel (G)
  • You Make Me Brave – Bethel (G)
Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 01 Nov 2015

  • This Is Amazing Grace – Jeremy Riddle (B)
  • Never Let Go – Matt Redman (B)
  • I Am – David Crowder (B)
  • Whom Shall I Fear – Matt Redman (B)
  • Good Good Father – Housefires (A)
  • Break Every Chain – United Pursuit (A)

The band on Sunday consisted of Craig on bass, Ricky on drums, myself on guitar/vocals, Jillien on vocals, and Jaye on guitar/vocals.

It was really good to be back at church on Sunday after a 6 week hiatus. I really appreciate the team for taking on the extra responsibility while I took time off to welcome little Xander into the world.

I also want to thank our STORYCHURCH people for blessing our family during this time. Your generous gifts and warm cooked meals were an amazing help to us.

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Music Review: Soak – New Life Worship

soak-newlifeworshipI’ve never been big into instrumental albums, particularly “worship” instrumental albums.

Integrity Music very kindly sent me SOAK from New Life Worship to review and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. It is very “synthy” and airy, and at times has a Gungor feel to it.

I’m able to listen to it at work without it being a distraction to what I’m doing, and also works well in the car to help me reflect and relax.

I feel like some of the transitions between songs were a little jarring, and smoother transitions would have made a much better album.

Overall, it’s a great piece of work from New Life Worship, and I’m definitely more open to other instrumental works because of it.


New EP – Tuned To The Key Of Praise

Tuned To The Key Of Praise” is a new EP that I was privileged to be involved with. The project was put together by Gangai Victor, a worship leader from Chennai, India. You can find out more about the team involved here.

I recorded my vocal for one of Gangai’s songs and sent it to his team for them to work their magic. I love how it turned out. You can download the whole EP from noisetrade now (free download).

It was exciting to collaborate with other worship leaders across the world and I hope we can do that again.


The Lure Of Apple Music

I’m struggling with temptation.

In the past I have not been interested in music subscriptions. I could not see the value in spending $10-15 per month to listen to music I can hear on the radio, or from my own music library.

Now I’m not sure why it tempts me so.

I recognize these feelings of temptation from when iTunes Match was first launched. At first I believed I didn’t need it. I mean I can just sync whatever songs I want to listen to. Right?

Nope. After a few weeks of humming and haa-ing I finally gave in. And now I could not go back. Having every song in my iTunes library available to me wherever I am is so invaluable to me.

Then the new Apple Photos app arrived and dangled the new iCloud storage options in front of me. Every photo I have on every device wherever I am? Think about all those #tbt Instagram posts I could upload!

I tried to resist. I did. Eventually I signed up, once more.

Not long after signing up, Amazon Prime offered unlimited photo storage for free with Amazon Prime membership. I seriously considered switching but it just doesn’t fit perfectly in my Apple ecosystem.

Now my latest deliberation is Apple Music. So far I have even resisted participating in the 3 month trial. Silly, right? But I know if I start the trial the chances are I’m not going to be able to leave. Apple knows this.

I am wondering however, if the $10 per month will reduce the need to buy as much music as I normally do? Again, as a Prime customer, I have Prime music available to me, but the library and playlists have always felt quite limited.

For those of you who use Apple Music already, here are some questions:

  • If I subscribe to Apple Music, do I still need iTunes Match? Will my current iTunes library still be available to me with an Apple Music subscription only?
  • Are there any artists/albums you listen to that are not available on Apple Music?
  • Does the content have an expiry date, like Netflix & Prime movie content, etc?
  • Worship Leaders: Is it a good resource for new worship music and discovering new songs for church?
Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 23 Nov 2014


  • Here For You – Matt Redman (B)
  • Emmanuel – Martin Smith (B)
  • I Am – Crowder (B)
  • Waiting Here For You – Hillsong (D)
  • Great I Am – Jared Anderson (D)
  • This Is Amazing Grace – Jeremy Riddle (B)