Movie Review: Goosebumps


I went on a little date with my daughter Katie this week to see Goosebumps. We went Frank’s Theater over at Parkside in Cary, NC. It’s a relatively new cinema that offers a full “Dine & Recline” service.

As you can see, Katie really enjoyed reclining while waiting for her food to arrive. I only had one complaint – the straws were too short. We had to lift our cups to drink.

The movie itself was decent enough. Katie seemed to enjoy it. Neither of us are familiar with the Goosebumps world, so I couldn’t tell you if it tied in well or not. We’re both big Jack Black fans (read Nacho Libre), however I feel he was nearly restricted in this movie and had to dial back his quirkiness.

I liked the cast – especially Ryan Lee who played “Champ”, the comical side-kick. You may recognize him from his role as “Cary” in Super 8.

I rated Goosebumps 6/10. Other movies I have rated the same include Pacific Rim, Hercules (2014), Divergent and Lucy. In other words, it’s probably OK to wait and watch this one on DVD.


Movie Review: The Martian


I loved this movie. Ridley Scott did a great job with the movie version of the Andy Weir’s story – and Matt Damon was perfect as the lone astronaut Mark Watney.

There were more events in the book that I wish they could have included in the movie. With a running time of 2 hours, I understand some things had to be cut.

Mark Watney’s attitude and determination in spite of his circumstances makes it a very enjoyable story to watch even though we’re not certain whether he will make it off the planet or not, until the end.

Such a great story of human determination in the face of disaster after disaster.

“You solve one problem and then the next. You solve enough problems and you get to come home.”

I rated “The Martian” 9/10.

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Review: Star Trek Into Darkness


May 16th is Liz’s birthday, and a day that I traditionally take off work.  We send the kids off to school and normally hit some local place for breakfast together.

This year we went to Parker & Otis in Durham and had a good yarn and a dose of eggs before driving out to Southpoint to watch the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie on iMAX 3D.

I enjoyed the 2009 installation of Star Trek and I was excited to see the actor from BBC Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) playing a role in the new movie.  In fact I think in these last two movies they have done a great job at casting altogether.

I usually do like J.J. Abrams work, but sometimes I feel that while he starts off great, he is not so good at bringing things to a conclusion – at least to my satisfaction.  I’m still mad at how he concluded Alias, and then there was LOST – don’t get me started on that ending.

I have no such complaints about this movie.  I loved the character development and the story from start to finish and it was well worth the extra dollars to watch on the bigger screen.  The sets and special effects were excellent and convincing.  I don’t usually bother with 3D versions, but I think they made good use of it here.

We decided it wasn’t suitable for our kids though.  Normally I’ll let my kids watch PG-13 movies (Liz and I vet them first), but there were a couple of short scenes in the movie we wouldn’t want them to see, and there was also a good bit of bad language.

After seeing what J.J. Abrams can do with something like this, I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) the redemption of the Star Wars franchise, if this movie is anything to go off.




We watched OBLIVION last night in IMAX. It was pretty good. The large screen supported the vast scenery presented in the movie.

The story slowly unwinds keeping you guessing and leaves you piecing everything together after the movie is over.