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Easy Ways To Invite Someone To STORYCHURCH

STORYCHURCH is awesome, right? ¬†You know that, I know that. ¬†Everyone that goes there knows that. ¬†Let’s not keep the secret to ourselves. ¬†Here are some real easy ways to invite.


Gather up some friends’ email addresses and use our handy-dandy online invitation form. ¬†The message will automatically include lots of cool info about our current series. ¬†All you have to do is add a little personal message like, “what he said…” or something like that.


Browse our podcasts.  We have practically every message since STORYCHURCH began.  Find one that resonated with you and SHARE it using the Facebook/Twitter links embedded in each post.


Invite a friend with you to a connection group!  You can share the connection groups page in the same manner as above.


Even better, next semester start a connection group in your house and invite your neighbors.


We had one lady turn up at church after finding a STORYCHURCH pen on her coffee table.  Sneaky move somebody.  Ask for some pens and/or business card invites at the Welcome table and use those to drop in various locations.


Wear your t-shirt. ¬†If you have a STORYCHURCH t-shirt, wear it to community events and neighborhood get-togethers. ¬†It’s a conversation starter.


Put a STORYCHURCH magnet on your car (if we still have them).  Of course, this one should only be implemented by sensible drivers.


We have yard signs available. ¬†If you want to place a sign in your yard talk to one of us on Sunday morning and we’ll get you one.

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Easter Weekend – Invite! Invite! Invite!


If you’re involved (i.e. serving) in a church, you’ll know that it is Easter this weekend. ¬†Heck, you’ve probably been working towards this weekend for weeks now. ¬†OK, some of you haven’t, as I’m still getting visitors arrive on my blog searching for Easter set lists – geeessh!

You also probably know that more people than normal usually turn out for church on Sunday, all dressed up in their fancy clothes. ¬†That’s all great. ¬†These folk already know about your church. ¬†They already know what to expect because they are churched folk, even though they only come for Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals. ¬†I’m not downplaying this – it’s still super to see all the old and new faces together.

The thing is, the people you really need in your Easter service are still at home, on the street, in the bar, at the gym, fishing, working, sleeping, doing the same thing they do every Sunday morning (or whenever you happen to hold your services). ¬†They do not know the significance of Easter. ¬†It’s not a big deal to them and we need to understand that.

In fact, I’m fairly sure I could find some of my neighbors who have not even heard of Easter. ¬†No joke. ¬†Can I name all of the Muslim or Hindu holy days, or even tell you what they are about? ¬†Nope.

I’ve been struck recently by Peter’s vision of all the animals in the sheet, and how God needed to show him that it was OK to reach out to a certain group of people. ¬†I mean, God had to show Peter this?! ¬†Come on Peter!! ¬†God is for everyone and everyone needs God. ¬†Simple as that.

So this year, in addition to inviting your neighbors, and those friends that never come, challenge yourself to invite people you wouldn’t normally invite. ¬†Invite people you wouldn’t think would even be interested in church. ¬†Invite people you never even talk to. ¬†And do what I did this year and invite people you don’t even like!

And if you’re embarrassed to invite people to your own church, invite them to another church down the road! ¬†Ha ha! ¬†Don’t hold them back from a possible encounter with Jesus!

Someone is reading this and thinking, “yeah but you should be inviting people all the time, every week“.

That is very true. ¬†However, there’s something special about Easter. ¬†The church focuses on so many things throughout the year, but at Easter the whole global church is in FULL-ON celebration mode. ¬†High five anyone?

We talk about God’s unconditional and unfathomable¬†love for us. ¬†We talk about Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us. ¬†We talk about HOPE. ¬†We tell stories of rebirth, restoration and renewal. ¬†We celebrate that the tomb stone rolled away and Jesus rose from the dead! ¬†We celebrate that new life and new beginnings is available for everyone.

So church person – Invite! Invite! Invite!

If you don’t normally go to church, or you’re new to the area and don’t have a church home, come visit us at STORYCHURCH¬†this weekend. ¬†We do church just for you. ¬†And come as you are. ¬†You don’t need to go buy fancy clothes for one day. ¬†Come and hear the greatest story ever told, and get ready to let Hope in.