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Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

100ftmovieLast night, Liz and I got the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the new Helen Mirren movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey (thanks Starla).

I had no idea what to expect – I was just happy about what getting out for a wee date.

It turns out the movie was very good. It follows an Indian family who decide to leave India for Europe.  They end up in the south of France (because London was too cold) and set up an Indian restaurant.

The problem is, it’s right across the street from a posh Michelin Star restaurant.

A clash of class and cultures ensue while they try to make things work, determined not to have to move again.

Great story + great cast, make a great humorous and feel-good movie.

It opens August 8th in the US.




Video: Bollywood Action in Dublin, Ireland!

A bit of a random post for this blog… but come on, I’m married to an Indian and I’m from Ireland, so I had to post this. I don’t know what movie this is from but I have to watch it. Enjoy!