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Video: Pursuit by Daniel Bashta (Cover by Alastair and Katie)

This is probably one of my most favorite videos ever.  I love seeing this girl grow up with a real love for music and singing.  If you’re stuck for time, skip the video along to 3:13 when Katie joins me.

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New Music: The Invisible – Daniel Bashta (Album Review)

theinvisibleThe Invisible, the new album, from Daniel Bashta is out on Feb 5th.  Daniel’s previous album, The Sounds Of Daniel Bashta is amazing and was easily one of my favorite from last year.  It featured the song Like A Lion which was picked up by artists like Newsboys and David Crowder.

I’ve been listening to The Invisible for a while and it’s really good.  The album opens with I Want It All (Just Give Me Jesus) and I love how it seems to have been developed from a tag used on the previous album.

The sound is very much the same Bashta sound.  Raw worship.  It’s not polished made-for-radio worship music – and that’s what I like about it.

What is missing from this release is a big anthem similar to Like A Lion.  It’s a bit mellower as a whole.  There’s a lot more strings in the mix and a banjo makes an appearance on a couple of the tracks.

If you haven’t already, check out the video above of Let Hope In and don’t forget to pick the album up when it releases next week.


Video: Pursuit – Daniel Bashta (feat. Rita Springer)

Here’s an acoustic version of Pursuit with Daniel Bashta and Rita Springer. Can’t wait to introduce this on Sunday to STORYCHURCH.