Video: Congregational Engagement

CONGREGATIONAL ENGAGEMENT – Like a lot of worship teams this is a topic that consumes a lot of our conversations and thoughts when we get together. Here’s a great video from Brian Wahl that discusses the topic at length. Lots to think about and take away from this. Great stuff from Brian and his team at Worship Tutorials.


Alastair Vance & Brian Wahl – Worship EP, Vol.1 is now on NoiseTrade for Free always enjoy recording worship videos with Brian Wahl. ¬†Prior to last week it seems like it’s been a year since we recorded together last.

Normally it’s just for YouTube (Brian’s Channel, Alastair’s Channel), but this time we are also publishing the songs to NoiseTrade¬†and you can download them for Free!

If you do download them, don’t forget to share with your friends via the twitter and/or facebook links!