Race Across Durham

I just signed up for Race Across Durham (10 miles) trail race! It’s scheduled for December 3rd, 2017 at 9am, so it should be nice and cool and have no nasty black flies, right?

It winds along the Eno river in Durham, starting at West Point on the Eno park to Eno River Rock Quarry.

I’ve been running some trails recently, but this is the first trail race I will participate in. I’m pretty excited about it.

You can check out the route here. Strava calculates it as 8.4 miles andĀ estimates I’ll take 1hr43m to run it! šŸ™‚

I did just notice it’s up hill the whole way! Great!

Relive – Create Flyovers from your Running Routes!

Check out this new app designed for running and cycling activities. It’s called Relive and it currently supports Strava and Garmin Connect only.

After connecting your accounts, the app will automatically create video flyovers of your route, like my example below that I posted to Instagram. On my first try, the video was not available for at least 30 minutes after I synced with Strava.

If your photos are geo-tagged, and uploaded to Strava within 15 mins, Relive will embed them in your video as well. It will show them at the exact point on the route that they were taken. Very impressive.

Review: Running Of The Bulls 8K Photos

I ran the Running Of The Bulls 8K race on Saturday morning. Loved it. It was a 5 mile route around downtown Durham, NC. We got a really good day for it as well. Mid 60s at 7.15am.

Unexpectedly, I got to run with race with my second oldest kid, Noah. One of our friends had to drop out so Noah ran in her place. Really proud of him keeping up with me the whole way.

I finished the race in 39:56 minutes, averaging 7:58/mi. Overall position 292/1318, and in my age group, 36/86. Very pleased with that.

Bull City Running Company hosted the race and did a great job. Also, thanks to James Scott Farin AttorneysĀ for sponsoring the event and providing some free race photos. šŸ™‚

I loved how the race day coincided with the weekly Durham Farmer’s market, so after the race we were able to grab food from the food trucks. Liz, Xander and Katie came down to hang out with us afterward. We will definitely be signing up for next year.

Noah and me at the start line.
I think this was around mile 4.
Kandy, Jeremy, me and Noah after the race.

Spooky Half Marathon Photos

I posted this route a while back on the blog and finally got around to running it this past weekend. I left around 7.30am, and it was just as quiet as it was the last timeĀ (around the lake section). A few geese protecting their little one, tried to block my path, all three of them hissing at me. Grrrr.

The new section of this route which I had not run before was really nice. It’s well sign-posted and called “Kitt Creek Loop”. I followed it down Development Drive and back round to Davis Drive.

It was warm and humid and I was worn out by mile 10. Instead of running any further hills, I adjusted the route and ran the last three miles on a flat track and then Liz came to take me home. šŸ™‚

A great run, and I will be back. But trails are calling me

Beautiful morning at Spooky Lake (Lake Betz, Morrisville).
These guys were not going to let me pass.
The Kitt Creek loop was really nice. I met a few runners on it. Fairly hilly though.

Route: Running Of The Bulls 8K

Next Friday at this time, I’ll be picking up my race bib for Bull City Running Company’s Running Of The Bulls 8K (website).

The race starts on Saturday morning, June 3rd at 7.15am. It’s the first time I’ve ran this particular race, but I have ran very similar routes in Durham before so I have an idea of what to expect (i.e. HILLS).

I enjoy running through cities. You get to see things you easily miss when driving through. You also get a better feel for where everything is. I’m looking forward to it!

2017-05-26 16_05_34-Running Of The Bulls 8K _ Strava Route


Spooky Half Marathon around Lake Betz Wetlands

Of all the places I’ve ran so far, none have felt so desolate and alone as portions of this route — particularly down Louis Stephens and through the Lake Betz Wetlands. The fact that there’s a large wetlands area in the middle of the Research Park took me by surprise when I stumbled upon it. It was real pretty for sure, but there was not a soul or vehicle in sight — even with all the office buildings around.

The last time I ran here, I turned right on Kit Creek Rd after coming out of the Wetlands area and ran back along Davis Dr. That cut the route down to around 8 miles.

This extended version of the routeĀ is just over 13 miles long. Instead of coming back on Davis Dr, the route goes through the Kits Creek neighborhood, into Providence Place and then back along the greenway to Town Hall Dr.


Reedy Creek Trail Head to NC Museum of Art

I get so excited when I find out about new running routes. Anyone else?! I map them out on Strava and then plan how to work them in to my schedule. I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing these routes on my blog.

This is one of the latest routes I’ve been looking at (I have not ran it yet). It’s just under 8mi (one way) and starts at the new Reedy Creek Trail Head parking lot (off Weston Parkway on Winstead Dr). Most of the route lies inside Umstead Park, with a couple of miles on sidewalk, before arriving at the NC Museum of Art.

Liz and I checked checked out the trail head parking lot at the weekend, so now it’s just a matter of getting a group together and setting aside some time to run it! I’ll be sure to post an update when I do.

New Shoes!

I ran 7 miles this morning in my new Clifton 3’s.

I was trying to hold out for the new Hoka One One Clifton 4’s (due early Summer), but my knees were starting to give me some grief over the last week or so. Fortunately, the Clifton 3’s, which I was currently running in, have dropped in price. So, since I knew the exact size I needed, I picked up a new pair at Amazon for under $100.

It’s a great shoe, and my “old” pair lasted me around 450 miles (since January) – for comparison, I changed my Brooks Launch at 380 miles. I’ll look at the Clifton 4’s again in a few months. They have apparently made them more durable without sacrificing the cushioning.

My old Clifton 3’s will not get to rest just yet — I’ll keep them handy for running in the rain, muddy trails, etc.

How often do you retire your shoes?

New Half-Marathon PR!

While I’ve yet to run any actual half-marathon races, I have ran the distance now on two occasions. My first attempt, back in mid December took me 2:14:12. My second attempt, on Sunday morning past, shaved over 10mins off the previous time with a result of 2:01:06.

I’d have loved to have landed under 2hrs, but I’m very happy with this progress, considering this route is fairly hilly (for Morrisville)!


Challenge Yourself

Coming into Fall of last year, I was quite happy with my 60-70 miles monthly mileage. The funny thing is, I think I would still be running the same distance each month if I hadn’t heard aboutĀ Challengeville.

Challengeville is a vibrant online running community. It exists to encourage and cheer you on as you attempt to compete one of the running challenges each month. It was started by Bart Pierce (aka @oldguyrunning on Instagram), and you can read his amazing story over at Challengeville.net.

As a community, it has grown so much for something that started only 5 years ago. Bart has a handful of helpers now, known as the Challengeville City council. They are the voice of Challengeville and provide all the encouragement and shout-outs you receive when you participate in a challenge.

There are seven challengesĀ to choose from:

  • THE NOUVEAU (26.25 miles)
  • THE TIMEFIGHTER (48 miles)
  • THE PHOENIX (70 miles)
  • THE TINMAN (93.3 miles)
  • THE TRANSFORMER (121 miles)
  • THE BIGFOOT (150 miles)
  • THE MADMAN (200 miles)

When I first signed up, I selected the TIMEFIGHTER challenge (48 miles). I receivedĀ a message from Challengeville a day or two later, suggesting I sign up for TINMAN instead. They thought I would be under-challenged otherwise.

I loved that encouragement and belief in me as a runner, even when I did not believe in my own ability. I reluctantly agreed to the scarier challenge. That very first month, my mileage jumped from theĀ average 60-70 to 90-100 miles per month!

IĀ have signed up every month since and will continue to be part of this great community.