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Trying Out Apple’s New “Music Memos”

I thought I’d try out Apple’s new iOS app for song writers, called “Music Memos”. I posted a video about it earlier in the week.

The interface and functionality is similar to Voice Memos on iOS, except Music Memos will add accompaniment automatically to your song recordings, in the form of bass and drums.

My initial test was a vocal recording, with no instruments. It was not able to detect tempo properly, nor was the generated bass line anything I could use.

I then grabbed my guitar and used a section of Chris Tomlin’s “At The Cross” to see how it performed. This yielded much better results. The strumming of a guitar seemed to give the app a little more to work with.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice how it added the chords and detected the time signature. You can toggle drums and bass at the bottom of the screen. There is also the ability to add notes, etc. and tag your ideas for future retrieval.

A number of sharing options are available — Garageband, SoundCloud, Email, etc. I exported the song direct to SoundCloud so I could embed it in this post. You can listen to the results below.

It’s not amazing, but it may be a useful tool to add some body to rough song ideas. If you haven’t got it already, it’s a free download from the Apple App Store.


Great Tunes: Ólafur Arnalds – So Far ft. Arnor Dan

We’ve been watching the second season of Broadchurch on Netflix — so good. The theme tune is awesome, and is from an Icelandic artist called Ólafur Arnalds. The song was composed for the series. Check it out.

So far from who I was.
From who I love.
From who I want to be.

So far from all our dreams.
From all our means.
From you here next to me.

So far from seeing home.
I stand out here alone.
Am I asking for too much?

So far from being free.
Of a past that’s haunting me.
A future I just can’t touch.

And if you take my hand,
Please pull me from the dark
And show me hope again.

We’ll run side by side.
No secrets left to hide.
Sheltered from the pain.

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Music Review: Soak – New Life Worship

soak-newlifeworshipI’ve never been big into instrumental albums, particularly “worship” instrumental albums.

Integrity Music very kindly sent me SOAK from New Life Worship to review and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. It is very “synthy” and airy, and at times has a Gungor feel to it.

I’m able to listen to it at work without it being a distraction to what I’m doing, and also works well in the car to help me reflect and relax.

I feel like some of the transitions between songs were a little jarring, and smoother transitions would have made a much better album.

Overall, it’s a great piece of work from New Life Worship, and I’m definitely more open to other instrumental works because of it.


New EP – Tuned To The Key Of Praise

Tuned To The Key Of Praise” is a new EP that I was privileged to be involved with. The project was put together by Gangai Victor, a worship leader from Chennai, India. You can find out more about the team involved here.

I recorded my vocal for one of Gangai’s songs and sent it to his team for them to work their magic. I love how it turned out. You can download the whole EP from noisetrade now (free download).

It was exciting to collaborate with other worship leaders across the world and I hope we can do that again.

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Join Us for our first Worship Night Event!


On Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 at 7pm, we will host our very first Worship Night at STORYCHURCH.

What is Worship Night?

It will be an extended time of music and singing led by the STORYCHURCH band. We have a great set planned, crammed full of our favorite songs. We can’t wait to worship with you and pursue God’s heart together.

So, plan to be there and bring some friends! We will not have childcare unfortunately. However, children who wish to participate with us are very welcome.

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