I’m back in 2020 as a BibRave Pro and You could join me!

BibRave Pros at the Tobacco Road Marathon (March 2019)

I cannot remember how, but I came across BibRave at the end of 2017. BibRave Pros are a community of runners that review & promote running products and races online (through Instagram, Twitter [#bibchat], Blogging, Facebook) etc.

I noticed that they were accepting applications for new BibRave Pros, and to be honest I was fairly doubtful of being selected. I felt I could do fairly well at reviewing and promoting online, but I was just an average runner, and not exactly what one imagines as regular “ambassador” material. My Instagram profile did not contain crazy miles, weekly PRs, six-packs, exotic locations and fancy photography.

However, BibRave do not run your average ambassador program. They are more interested in people like you and me. People who can give honest reviews and remain authentic in everything they post. People who are just passionate about running and want to share that passion with everyone.

I was already an avid blogger and instagrammer, regularly sharing my views on races and chronicling my new-found love of running. BibRave seemed like it would be a natural extension of what I was doing anyway.

So I applied and to my surprise I was accepted! I started my BibRave journey at the start of 2018 and was welcomed into a rich community of similar minded people. I’ve tested and reviewed many products over the last couple of years — many of the products I could not do without now!

Liz and I at Hot Chocolate Charlotte (Jan 2019)

Then there’s the races! There are so many opportunities to run races all over the country (and further afield). My racing schedule doubled in 2018 and 2019. I could have easily have taken advantage of many more racing opportunities, but I like being married waaaay more. 🙂

As I enter into a third year with BibRave, I’m really looking forward to my first BibRave Pro Summit in March. It will be so fun to meet more of my fellow BibRave Pros in real life!

You could join me! BibRave are accepting new Pro applications until Nov 17th, 2019. If any of this sounds appealing to you, go check out BibRave.com or #askabibravepro — we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

7 Replies to “I’m back in 2020 as a BibRave Pro and You could join me!”

  1. I’ve been trying to sign up as an ambassador but you seem to need an Instagram account to sign up.
    I can’t complete the app because I don’t have Instagram?
    It sounds like a cool program but I never even look at Instagram.

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      1. I came across this entry while looking for more information about the ambassadorship program.

        Would you mind elaborating on “you need a little bit of a social media presence”? I could be wrong, but it seems that one needs a large number of followers on social media (in particular, IG). I kind of wish that Bibrave, would say something like if you do not bother applying if you do not have X number of followers.


      2. Hi there, I know there used to be a certain number of followers required, and/or a blog, etc. but I believe that has changed now. I don’t think it’s purely based on the numbers anymore. I’m actually not continuing with the program for 2022, but I highly recommend applying, even just to get on their radar. I know some people that eventually got accepted after applying for multiple times (there are two application windows per year).

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      3. Thanks for your insight; I really appreciate it. Initially, I was looking for some more information because I received a rejection email from BibRave. If you do not mind me asking, any reason(s) why you are not continuing with the program for 2022? No worries if you are not comfortable answering that question.

        That said, I hope your future runs are speedy and injury-free.

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      4. Yeah, no problem. I really struggled with the decision, because I loved being part of it, but I didn’t feel like I was giving it the attention it deserved due to many other outside responsibilities. I hope to return to BibRave in the future when my situation changes, and maybe you’ll be part of the group by then! Like I said before, keep trying. Do not give up on the first attempt.


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