Running on Keto, Maybe

I’ve lost a bit of weight running the last couple of years, around 30lbs, and feel much fitter because of it. Recently I’ve joined my local Y to work on my core which I’d been neglecting for the longest time.

However, even with all the running, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau and I’m still carrying a bit of excess weight that I need to shed.

I just completed my last race on Saturday past until mid *October when I’ll be running the Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon.

During this non-racing season I plan to vary my training a little. I’m going to add some trail running, strength training and try some experimental changes to my diet.

At the moment I’m considering the seemingly controversial Keto diet. This would mean transitioning my body over from burning glucose as a fuel source to burning fat instead. It’s essentially starving your body of carbs and forcing it to generate energy from fat — in turn accelerating weight loss

I’ve read about runners, whose bodies are in full ketosis, having the ability to run long distances without needing to fuel along the way (with gel packs, etc.). This is because our bodies will deplete our glucose stores in under 2 hours, but our fat stores (mine in particular😜) will continue to generate energy for much longer.

Apparently the first couple of weeks of transition can be tough, and runners in particular find their energy and endurance plummet for a short time. This is why I’ve waited until all my races are over for a while.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be blogging about my experience and I’m open to any guidance or advice YOU might have. Comment below!

*I have the right to change this at any time, no notice required. 😜

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