Be Brilliant, Be Seen!

Disclaimer: I received reflective strips from Brilliant Reflective to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Most of my weekday runs happen before the sun comes up, so that means a lot of road running in the dark. It wasn’t long ago I read a post on our community Facebook page complaining about runners seen early in the morning wearing dark clothing. Yep, that was referring to our running club for sure, and a warning that we were not doing enough to be visible.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you need to hear about Brilliant Reflective strips. They are highly reflective strips that you can apply to your clothes (or other items) and come in both stick-on and iron-on packs.


This is exactly why I’m loving being a BibRave Pro. I get to review running products that I actually can use, and will continue to use long after my review is posted.

To test out these strips, I applied some of the blue (yes, they come in different colors) stick-on strips to the front and back of one of my running shirts. The actual guidance for these strips is — anything that you would wash, use the iron-on pack, and for anything that isn’t washed, use the stick-on pack.

Yes, I do wash my running shirt, but I wanted to see just how durable the stick-on strips were. 🙂


The packaging is really easy to open and inside contains lots of information regarding best application. I applied two to the back, and two to the front. It’s similar to applying a band-aid. There is a break in the backing which you peel off, and then simply stick the strip on your garment and press down.

If you make a mistake, you can remove the strip and re-position within the first 10 or so seconds. After that the adhesive takes a stronger hold. You also don’t need to go overboard as these reflect very brightly as you’ll see in the photo below.


My running group was very impressed by them and helped me to take some photos!

So, what happens when you put them through the washing machine? Well, so far (after one wash) they remain securely fastened to my shirt. I did not tumble dry.

Here’s a picture of the shirt just out of the washing machine. You can see it hasn’t lifted at all from the material. I let the shirt hang to dry before wearing again.


Each pack (at time of posting) costs $14.95 from the Brilliant Reflective website. I could easily treat 2-3 items per pack, so that’s great value in my opinion. A small price to pay to increase your visibility and overall safety.

Aside from using on every other piece of outdoor running gear that I have, I couldn’t help thinking of all the other (non-running) uses for these.

My kids walk to the bus stop in the dark every morning. These strips will be going on their school bags and instrument cases so people driving in their cars have a better chance of seeing them crossing the road.

I should put a couple on my mail box to (hopefully) prevent people from reversing into it (has happened twice already).

If you park your car on the road, put one or two on your car bumpers/fenders so that other drivers won’t clip it on the way past. Same goes for trash cans if they sit at the side of the road to be emptied.

Can you think of any more?

Would you like to try them out? The code ” BRP25″ saves 25% off of all Multi/Assortment Packs over at the Brilliant Reflective website.





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