2skin, or not 2skin: that is the question!

Disclaimer: I received pjuractive 2skin products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Hands up — who likes a bit of chafing? Anyone? No?

Didn’t think so. No-one likes that. So when the opportunity arose to test an anti-chafing solution, called 2skin from pjuractive, I quickly volunteered.


Fortunately, I don’t experience chafing on a regular basis, and while that’s a blessing it also has a undesired side effect — unpreparedness! So when chafing hits unexpectedly, it can leave me hurting for a day or two.

A couple of days before my 2skin samples arrived, I completed a long run in a new shirt. After the run my nipples were close to bleeding and hurt for 2-3 days. Not fun at all.

When the samples arrived in the mail, I applied some pjuractive 2skin to act as a protective layer to aid their recovery, and have been using the gel for all my runs over the last week or so.

I have tried other solutions in the past, that come in stick form like deodorants. They worked fine, but tended to wear off quickly and get caked onto my clothes.

pjuractive 2skin is nearly like an oil and a couple of drops goes far. You apply with your fingers and let dry for about 10 seconds before putting on your gear. It is water proof, sweat proof, and yet it washes off with soap and water quite easily,

Today, to try and reproduce the conditions of my last chafing experience, I wore another new shirt (BibRave!) and ran for six miles in it. Not a single issue. No chafing, no residue on my clothes, nothing.


I suffer with a bit of Psoriasis, and the cold weather can really dry out the skin on my face. In warm weather, my sweat can cause the skin around my face to flare-up. So I applied some gel to protect my skin. pjuractive 2skin will not block your pores like other anti-chafing products and is actually dermatologically approved.

I’m going to keep on using 2skin, especially for longer distances and my upcoming races. It also comes in small bottles, and paper sachets, which are perfect for traveling!

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