Challenge Yourself

Coming into Fall of last year, I was quite happy with my 60-70 miles monthly mileage. The funny thing is, I think I would still be running the same distance each month if I hadn’t heard about Challengeville.

Challengeville is a vibrant online running community. It exists to encourage and cheer you on as you attempt to compete one of the running challenges each month. It was started by Bart Pierce (aka @oldguyrunning on Instagram), and you can read his amazing story over at

As a community, it has grown so much for something that started only 5 years ago. Bart has a handful of helpers now, known as the Challengeville City council. They are the voice of Challengeville and provide all the encouragement and shout-outs you receive when you participate in a challenge.

There are seven challenges to choose from:

  • THE NOUVEAU (26.25 miles)
  • THE TIMEFIGHTER (48 miles)
  • THE PHOENIX (70 miles)
  • THE TINMAN (93.3 miles)
  • THE TRANSFORMER (121 miles)
  • THE BIGFOOT (150 miles)
  • THE MADMAN (200 miles)

When I first signed up, I selected the TIMEFIGHTER challenge (48 miles). I received a message from Challengeville a day or two later, suggesting I sign up for TINMAN instead. They thought I would be under-challenged otherwise.

I loved that encouragement and belief in me as a runner, even when I did not believe in my own ability. I reluctantly agreed to the scarier challenge. That very first month, my mileage jumped from the average 60-70 to 90-100 miles per month!

I have signed up every month since and will continue to be part of this great community.

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