Movie Review: Goosebumps


I went on a little date with my daughter Katie this week to see Goosebumps. We went Frank’s Theater over at Parkside in Cary, NC. It’s a relatively new cinema that offers a full “Dine & Recline” service.

As you can see, Katie really enjoyed reclining while waiting for her food to arrive. I only had one complaint – the straws were too short. We had to lift our cups to drink.

The movie itself was decent enough. Katie seemed to enjoy it. Neither of us are familiar with the Goosebumps world, so I couldn’t tell you if it tied in well or not. We’re both big Jack Black fans (read Nacho Libre), however I feel he was nearly restricted in this movie and had to dial back his quirkiness.

I liked the cast – especially Ryan Lee who played “Champ”, the comical side-kick. You may recognize him from his role as “Cary” in Super 8.

I rated Goosebumps 6/10. Other movies I have rated the same include Pacific Rim, Hercules (2014), Divergent and Lucy. In other words, it’s probably OK to wait and watch this one on DVD.


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