Geer Street Garden

This is a first post (of a series…maybe) highlighting places Liz and I like to go eat and hang out. In some way they’ve impressed us with their food, their service and/or ambiance.


I’ve been meaning to try Geer Street Garden for a while as it’s fairly close to where I work. So last night (Monday) Liz and I happened to be in downtown Durham and decided to call in for dinner before going home. We were glad we did.

It was late – about 9.10pm. It was busy inside and the air was cool. However, it was a nice evening so we opted for outside seating. I know it’s supposed to have a beer garden feel but I think more individual tables outside (like inside) would have been nice rather than just a load of long benches.


In saying that, for large parties it would be fantastic. The outdoor area was covered and nicely lit with stringed lights – the kind my HOA doesn’t take a liking to. We like them though.

The staff were excellent throughout the whole evening, very helpful and attentive.

The menu was concise but still varied enough to keep us coming back. It may change periodically – I’m not sure. There’s also a great selection of local beers, imported beers and wine.

Both of us really enjoyed our food. The service was quick, the food was tasty and hot. The sauces were also a big hit. We asked for a few of those with our meals.

We would definitely go back again to Geer Street Garden. Another place I want to try is right across the street – Cocoa Cinnamon.


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