God Is Not Surprised By Our Actions


Moses’ Story

I was reading through the story of Moses recently (found in Exodus 2). After being found on the river in a basket, Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s household, looked after by his mother.

The bible doesn’t say much about his childhood or if/what he knew about his family origins, but it was apparent that his roots were becoming alive in him.

Moses was starting to resent how Pharaoh and his regime were treating his kin. So much so, that one day Moses lost it and killed an Egyptian whom he caught beating one of his relatives.

When Moses found out later that his action did not go unseen – he panics and runs away.

God’s Story

From the bible, we have a more complete picture of what God was actually doing in Moses’ life. How Moses was placed in a basket and found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised in their household.

Moses was being set up all along to one day lead God’s people out of slavery, he just didn’t know that yet.

Was the murdered Egyptian part of an ideal plan? Probably not. Was running off to Midian to look after some sheep? Probably not.

Was God surprised by any of this? Nope.

Our Story

When reading this I was struck by Moses’ decision to run away. Yes, Pharaoh was trying to kill him so I’ll cut him a little slack, but often we can have similar tendencies to run when we mess up.

We let one mistake jeopardize everything.

God is not surprised by our actions. He knew we were going to mess up before we did. He still wants you to embrace the story you were meant to live. The story that He is writing for your life. Please don’t run away from it.

We’re just coming out of Easter and focusing on the power of the cross, on which Jesus died (in our place) to pay for our sins.  Every single one of them. I mean ALL of them. Your past sins, your current sins, your future sins. All paid for in full.

I like to think the power of the cross transcends all time dimensions and parallel universes. That’s just how I wrap my head around it.

Embrace The Story

At around the age of 80, Moses came back to fulfill God’s plan and eventually led his people out of Egypt.

If you’ve let some sin or hurt in your life sideline you, it’s time to let it go. Don’t hold out. God wants you back now because His story is better. He is not finished with you yet.


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