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He’s our son, and we still love him


He’s only 14. Fourteen!

You bring them up as best as you can, teaching them the difference between right and wrong and yet sometimes it’s just not enough. Sooner or later they start to think independently from us as parents.

When Nathan announced it to us both it took me a while to process it, if I’m being completely honest. I mean, I couldn’t even comprehend it initially.  Why? It doesn’t make any sense.  Why our son?

Now that Nathan is at High School, we are having to contend with other influential people in his life. And that, quite frankly, is out of our control. He is growing up fast and I’m sure this is one of the many decisions we will not agree on.

Liz and I talked about it at length with him. It’s definitely not a lifestyle choice we’re happy about, but it’s his decision at the end of the day and it was clear we could not change his mind. We don’t have to like it, but we need to respect his choice and love him unconditionally.

Daddy, I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4“, he said.

Just writing that is still difficult for me. I considered asking him to keep it secret, but sooner or later the news would get out. I was probably a little mean about it for a few days and I actually made him pay for the whole phone himself. I still have not come around to allowing him to sync it using my iMac. Baby steps.

I am softening though. I believe we can make this work. It’s a phase. One day he will come back to Apple. I have faith.


13 thoughts on “He’s our son, and we still love him

  1. As a developer currently relishing my latest trip through the Apple ‘matrix of pain’ to upgrade my app to IOS 8, I applaud your son for his touching concern for my welfare and sanity.


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