This Week’s Sources Of Learning – 09 May 2014

Here are a selection of podcasts, blog posts and books that I’ve been learning from this week. You can view all of these weekly posts here.

I’m always looking for fresh podcasts/books/music, so if there’s any that you particularly enjoy, let me know.


  • Iceberg (Part 2)STORYCHURCH
  • How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge (Part 1) – Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
  • Do You Have These 5 Characteristics of a Great Leader? – Perry Noble Leadership Podcast


  • The Six Hats of the Worship Leader – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • Multiply – Francis Chan
  • Good To Great – Jim Collins


The whole worship/media team got together last weekend and it was interesting to go through a number of new songs together and discuss which ones we thought would work or not work within STORYCHURCH.

We asked ourselves the following questions when listening through each song (an idea I took from a post by Stephen Brewster).

  • Does song X draw you into worship/greater connection with God?
  • Is song X memorable?
  • Do you think STORYCHURCH will corporately connect to song X?
  • Do you personally like song X?

It was a great exercise, although next time we should probably ask the team to bring just ONE song each.


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