I Need To Leave Grown-Up World


Katie and Me

We sat around after dinner the other night to do our family devotion. The scripture was from Philippians 2:5-11, and is about how God left his world and came into ours – in human form.

As we read through the story that accompanies the scripture verse, this following section really challenged me.

No matter how grown up you get, you need adults to show interest in your activities and concerns. Your need for attention is met when a caring adult leaves the grown-up world for a period of time and gets into your world.

God intends for us to get that kind of attention showered on us through our families. When we receive that attention, we know that we matter to others – and to God. We feel significant. We feel like we are worth spending time on.

I love my kids so much and we do a lot together, but I don’t take enough time to completely leave everything in my world and come spend quality time in their world.

Liz has been setting a good example with this for a while. She will take the kids individually on ‘dates’. This is time that Liz can fully immerse herself in their world and they have her undivided attention without distractions from their siblings.

This weekend I am starting this practice and attempting to weave it in regularly to my schedule. Katie and I will be going for some breakfast and shopping for a dress.

I’m really looking forward to it!


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