This Week’s Sources Of Learning – 21 Mar 2014

Here are a selection of podcasts, blog posts and books that I’ve been learning from this week. You can view all of these weekly posts here.

I’m always looking for fresh podcasts/books/music, so if there’s any that you particularly enjoy, let me know.


I finally completed The Emotionally Healthy Church by Peter Scazzero. Liz claims I cheated, because I ended up buying the audio edition from audible and just listening to the last half of the book.

I haven’t digested many books this way before. I listened to it as I commuted to and from work this week. It was good, and allowed me time to go back and revisit some chapters for a second time.

Still working through Simply Strategic Volunteers: Empowering People For Ministry – Tony Morgan & Tim Stevens. This is a great resource. You need to get it!

I can’t wait to devote a little more time now to finishing off Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough.


No podcasts this week.  I was too busy trying to cram in the remainder of Emotionally Healthy Church!

The Amazon links within this week’s post use my Amazon affiliate Id.  It would be pretty cool if I was able to have this blog pay for itself.  Y’know?


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