Worship & Media Team Thoughts


We held a worship & media team get-together last night, which just happened to coincide with St.Patrick’s day, making it awesome times two. Liz cooked up some Shepherd’s pies and some soups,  and I made Banoffee pie for desert.  We spent some time just eating and socializing together.

During the second part of the evening, here are some thoughts I shared with the team.

Deeper + Wider

I really believe our team is wider than those who happen to be on stage. We would not be able to do what we do, or serve in the capacity we do without support from our family members and those close to us. I wanted to thank both our team members and their spouses for everything they do to make our weekend services as good as they are. Because of this, I will keep our monthly meetings open to our team and their spouses.  We don’t want to appear exclusive, or inaccessible in any way.

So, this year we want to go deeper with each other in our relationships – and wider to include both team members and their families.


How does what we do line up with God’s Word, and our church’s mission statement to help people embrace the story they were meant to live?  It’s important to keep our eyes on the vision.  In fact, because of our visibility, we’re all vision carriers for the church (a topic Andy Stanley talked about recently on his podcast), so it’s important we live and breath the right vision.

I told a personal story about how, in a previous church, I was not invested in the church vision. Instead I followed the vision of a leader within the church. When that leader left, I was disoriented, unstable and (immaturely) left the church not long after.  Why? My vision was misaligned with the church vision.  If I was more focused on the church vision, someone with a misaligned vision who happened to leave would not have had the same damaging impact.


One of the biggest issues I’ve seen recently are churches struggling to recover after a worship leader or key musician leaves. What preventative measures can we take to sail smoothly through events like this? I believe the key is in enabling our team to be recruiters – all of us.

I recently read a chapter in Tony Morgan’s book, “Simply Strategic Volunteers” which talked about shoulder tapping.  Basically the idea is, each individual in the team has a wider group of friends/acquaintances than the team leader, or church pastors. Get tapping some shoulders this year – workmates, school friends, neighbors, craigslist strangers, etc.

Worship + Prayer

To end the evening we spent some time in worship and prayer.  It was probably one of the first times that we’ve sang together without thinking about leading people. I want this to be a integral part of our gatherings. This is when we can share with others what we are thankful for, what we are longing for, or what we are struggling with and have our team praying for us.


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