Inviting The Awkwardness

It’s too easy to pussyfoot around when it comes to relationships.  For many of us, this is how we relate to other people.  We stay close to the surface where it’s safe.

I find those types of relationships do not have much of an impact on our lives and believe me, I’ve had plenty of them.

True friendship requires vulnerability and trust. True friendship happens beneath the surface.

Looking back over the years, my closest friends have been people that ask the most awkward of questions. They skip the “how’s it going?” conversation openers and go straight for the jugular.

They ask the questions that everyone else skirts around. These are the kind of questions that kick us in the butt. These are the kind of questions that shape our very character.

Of course, awkward questions are only effective from people we trust. If no-one you trust is asking you awkward questions, it’s time you gave someone explicit permission to do so.

I did this recently. I invited some awkwardness into my life.

It was a little uncomfortable giving some of my friends permission to be awkward, but I truly believe it was a healthy move to make.

Because I have given them permission, they should feel more free to say things to me, or challenge me in ways that may have induced a little apprehension before.

On the flip-side, I have also started to be more intentional with my own questions with everyone I come in contact with.

I have decided to ask a little more than the usual surface-level questions. I have decided to be a little more awkward than normal.


2 thoughts on “Inviting The Awkwardness

  1. Christopher McKernan says:

    So are you the one who keeps leaving me those heavy breathing voicemails asking what type of underwear I’ve got on?

    I jest. Good point Al.


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