No More Excuses


I have been reading through the story of Moses recently.  In Exodus 3-4, Moses is looking after some animals in the desert. God sets a bush on fire to grab Moses’ attention.

God had selected Moses for the task of rescuing His people from the Egyptians. When I think about it, Moses was born into the correct circumstances for this very task.  Moses didn’t see it that way at all.

A number of times Moses tries to push back on God.

He first asks,“But why me!?  What makes You think I could do this?!” (Exodus 3:11).  God answers him and tells him “Because I will be with You!”.

When God asks us to do something, why do we immediately think we have to do it on our own?

Then Moses is worried that they will question his integrity and ability (Exodus 4:1) – “They won’t trust me or listen to word I say”. God is quick to equip Moses with the tools he needs to convince Pharaoh that God is with Him.

When we do what God commands us, we step out in His authority and not our own.

Moses tries one more time (Exodus 4:10), “You know, God, I’ve never been good with words.” 

That line is my favorite.  I grin when I read that passage.  Once again, Moses’ focus is on himself – his own abilities, his own strength, his own wisdom, his own insecurities. God basically states, “Who do you think made your mouth?  I’ll be doing the talking”.

The response to every excuse is reassurance that God Himself is in it, He will be with him, and He will do the speaking.

No more excuses.


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