New Book: The Worship Kenbook by Gangai Victor

kenbookMy Indian blogging buddy and worship leader, Gangai Victor, has just released a book titled, “The Worship Kenbook – Sound Principles, Right Practices and Smart Tips for Powerful Worship Ministry.

I had to ask Gangai what was meant by the term “kenbook”.  Apparently “ken” means understanding, knowledge, etc.  So that explains it!

I was surprised at the vast amount of topics that Gangai managed to cover.  This is not some skimpy ebook but is loaded with 200+ pages of well crafted content.  Everything from the heart of a worshiper, creating set lists, effective rehearsals, forming teams, using visuals and so on.  There’s something for everyone.

What Gangai presents here is a comprehensive guide to both the spiritual and practical aspects of leading worship, gleaned from many years of experience.  It is a true gem and it will prove a great resource for worship teams – particularly those belonging to church plants that are starting from the ground up.

This ebook is available now on Amazon for only $2.99.  Buy it here.



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