Set Lists

STORYCHURCH Set List – 14 Jul 2013 #oneverb

Sunday morning at STORYCHURCH was AWESOME!!! Right?!

For those who were not there, Christiane, Jillien and myself led an acoustic set – two guitars and three vocals. I loved how the set turned out and God’s presence could really be felt in the room.

  • Let Your Kingdom Come – Alastair Vance (D)
  • Oh You Bring – Hillsong (G)
  • From The Inside Out – Hillsong (G)
  • How Deep The Father’s Love – Stuart Townend (E)
  • Freedom Reigns – Michael Larson (E)

This was the second week of our “One Verb, Two Verb…” series.  Once again, Josh did an outstanding job hand-drawing all the slide backgrounds for the series – look out for shareable versions of the slides on Facebook this week.

This week’s message was about being good stewards of our finances – a wise man plans ahead.  You can listen to the podcast here.

And before you go, here’s a small clip of Freedom Reigns on Instagram.



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