Color Vibe 5k #C25K


STORYCHURCH TEAM: Kristen, Jillien, Eric, Liz, Alastair (Me), Morgan

On Saturday past I took part in my first 5k race for many years.  Just getting to the race with this team all in one car was something I’ll remember for a long time.  We got a good day for the run – cool, overcast and dry.

Liz and I ran together around the course – our first 5k together.  We had been training for this run for many weeks using the Couch to 5k iPhone app (C25KFree).  Liz started her training first and encouraged and inspired me to run also.  I gave in a few weeks later and commenced with the 8 week program.

I’m glad I did.  I’ve enjoyed the process and seeing the progress we’ve both been making.  It was so good to finally put all our training into an actual organized run, alongside 6000 people at Color Vibe.

A few of us have signed up for another race in Durham at the end of July and I’m actually looking forward to it.


Liz and I after the race.


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