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STORYCHURCH Set List – 07 Apr 2013 #sundaysetlists #worshipset

  • Like A Lion – Daniel Bashta (A)
  • Your Love Never Fails – Chris McClarney (A)
  • 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman (G)
  • Lead Me To The Cross – Brooke Fraser (G)
  • Before The Throne Of God Above – Shane & Shane (D)

We started our new 88mph series at STORYCHURCH today. Jeremy talked about how our past should not hinder our future – why define yourself by things that God has forgot all about? It’s time to move on!

We had a bit of fun this morning, playing on the Back To The Future theme. ¬†After meet and greet, Darrell rocked our faces off with Johnny B. Goode. ¬†Matthew Moses (our drummer Ricky’s son) took some video on his phone and I’ve posted that below!

I loved having three vocals on stage this morning.  It not only helps the stage look fuller, but adds a lot more dynamics and variety to the set.  Darrell led on Like A Lion and 10,000 reasons, and I led Your Love Never Fails and Lead Me To The Cross.  Jillien and I led on Before The Throne.  I love our STORYCHURCH worship team and the energy and commitment they bring to their roles.

With all the series time-machine references, I couldn’t help thinking about how the cross not only defied death and the grave, but also defied time itself. ¬†Jesus’ sacrifice was made¬†once and all. ¬†That is¬†all¬†people, and¬†all¬†sin. ¬†It has all been paid for, every mistake you ever made and ever will make.

Were the earthquakes that occurred during the crucifixion and resurrection simply because of massive rifts in time?  Ok, that last sentence may be stretching it a little.

Enjoy the video.


One thought on “STORYCHURCH Set List – 07 Apr 2013 #sundaysetlists #worshipset

  1. Jillien Minera says:

    very cool thought about defying time–i think it could be very possible!! My Theology professor once described God’s time by drawing a vector on the board; then he drew a circle around the whole thing.


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