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@Pressgram Is Bringing It Back To The Blog

The blog used to be king of all user content online.

It was a place to journal, share links, thoughts, photos and media. Over the years this content started to diversify unto other platforms as users were lured into using free applications like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram to name a few.

I am starting to grow uncomfortable with how diversified my personal data is becoming, and how difficult it will be to control it as more platforms spring up.  I am also uncomfortable with the various strings attached to a lot of the free services that few of us pay much attention to.

I have recently been contemplating disabling my Facebook and Instagram accounts for the simple reason of decluttering my life a little.  This blog will stay because it’s probably of more use to me than anyone reading it.  The art of writing a post helps me to process my thoughts and formulate conclusions.

So, when I read about the Pressgram kickstarter campaign, it was something I immediately wanted to invest in.

Pressgram will basically replace Instagram for me.  There will be a lot of similar features, including photo filters and an online community.  The game-changer is that content will be published to my WordPress blog – any community comments will be replicated there also.

This will help me manage and bring back all my photos to my blog.  It will also resolve my concerns over rights to my content – I will own full rights.  Another thing that side effect that John Saddington pointed out recently in an update, is that page views on my blog will grow, because they are not being lost to other platforms where my content is currently hosted.

This is the last week of the campaign and there’s only under $3000 left to raise.  If you like some of the features below that I am looking forward to, consider backing the campaign and helping to make it happen!

  • Photo filters
  • Online Community
  • Photos posted to my blog
  • Comments replicated to my blog
  • Rights to photos are entirely mine
  • Will increase page views on my blog
  • Social sharing via Twitter
  • Works with both self-hosted and .com WordPress sites



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