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Dear @AmazonKindle (A PaperWhite Wish) #kindle #notes #highlights

Dear @AmazonKindle,

I love my PaperWhite.  I read more books now than ever, all thanks to your amazing little device.  However, I do have one little issue that is starting to niggle at me more and more.

In addition to my personal reading library, I am often reading one book with a group of people.  We read offline, make notes and highlights and then get together to discuss the chapter.  For these particular books, I highlight a lot.  I make a lot of notes and share to Facebook.  All very cool features.

Even cooler is the ability to follow my book group members and see their highlights inline within my book (you can follow me here).  That is probably my favorite feature of all.

So what is bugging me?  The method of navigating my notes and highlights bugs me.  I can’t see any way of jumping to a location in my notes which coincides with the current week’s chapter.  I find I have to scroll through page after page repeatedly until I get to the end of my notes.  I can’t even seem to scroll backward so that it jumps straight to the end.

There’s a “Go To” option at the bottom right of the notes pages, but that navigates away from the notes and back into the actual book.

Am I missing something?  I imagine it’s something that’s relatively easy to add to the PaperWhite software.  Could you please consider this for an upcoming update?

Yours sincerely,

Alastair Vance.



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