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Was MailBox Worth The Wait? #iOS @mailbox




It seems like I jumped on the band-wagon a little late with Mailbox.

When I downloaded the app from the Apple App Store, I was already over 600,000 behind in the reservation queue.

Wait, reservation what?!  For those of you who don’t know, when you first download the application, unless you have a reservation ticket already, you will have to join a queue.  I’m not sure how long they plan to use this ramp-up method but once you grab your place you’re best forgetting about it until you get actual notification it is ready.

It took several weeks before I finally reached the front of the line and was granted access to the app.  My daughter did have fun with the reservation count-down however.  She thought by pointing the iPhone in certain directions she could read how many people where physically in front of her and how many people where behind.  Pretty freaking cool if that were true, but no.

Before my mailbox account was activated, my main email app on iPhone was Google’s native Gmail client.  I much prefer the Gmail app over Apple’s Mail app because it makes use of Gmail’s labels and just looks a bit slicker in my opinion.

The main goal behind Mailbox is to help you get your inbox down to zero.  It does this by enabling you to quickly swipe your email into lists, delay to later, archive or simply trash.  I’m not sure the last time I’ve actually had an empty inbox so it’s going to take a lot of work (even with this app) to get there.  I’m like an email horder.

Now that I have been using Mailbox for a few days, I have a few thoughts on it.


  • The coolest feature is being able to delay emails until later.  This temporarily removes it from your inbox and out of mind until a time you select.  I know there are services like that offer this, but this is just so much easier to use and integrates well with Gmail itself.
  • It keeps the conversational style format as used by Gmail.
  • It has helped me to bring down my inbox count a good bit so far, which is great.
  • The more I use it, the more I use it.  I wouldn’t say it’s taken over as my main email app yet, but I am using it more and more.
  • If you accidently delete an email in Mailbox, you can retrieve it from trash.
  • It’s addictive.


  • Reservation system is too long.  If you look at the reviews on the App Store you’ll see a look of frustrated people who did not have the patience to wait.
  • The inbox lacks color.  I like my Gmail color labels.  It lets me focus in on what types of emails I’m looking at.
  • HTML email support seems to be a little iffy.  For example, see the image gallery below, a newsletter (MailChimp originated) displays much better in Gmail compared to Mailbox’s rendering.
  • The short slide and long slide take a while to get used to.  I’m still archiving things (short slide right) that I meant to trash and vice versa.


I think it’s a great start for Mailbox, and I’ll continue to use it.  It’s definitely given me a push to organize my mail better.  I hope that it continues to improve and we’ll see some of the features I miss.


Any Mailbox users out there want to add any insight?


3 thoughts on “Was MailBox Worth The Wait? #iOS @mailbox

  1. HmmmMmMMM I’m an email purger. I’m in a constant state of 0 unread messages. I’ll even mark as read if it takes too long. I wonder if I would need this app…what you think?!?!

    I think a better app idea would be what Katie thought up and figuring out how many ppl are in front and behind you 🙂


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