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Album Review: The New Song – Gangai Victor #india #worship #giveaway

gv-newsongWe have one album to give away for free – details at the bottom of the post.

Indian worship leader and blogger, Gangai Victor, has released a new 10 track album.  It has been 8 months in the making and is called “The New Song”.  Gangai says the inspiration for the album comes a from quote by St. Clement of Alexandria (200 AD).  From this, the title track was birthed.

He was and is the divine beginning of all things; but because He lately took a name, – the name consecrated of old and worthy of power, the Christ – I have called Him a New Song. See how mighty is the New Song! It has made men out of stones and men out of wild beasts. They who were otherwise dead, who had no share in the real and true life, revived when they but heard the Song. Furthermore, it is this which composed the entire creation into melodious order, and tuned into concert the discord of the elements, that the whole universe might be in harmony with it.

Gangai’s music is probably not what you would expect.  It’s surprisingly Western in style.  The whole album is very worshipful.  It reminds me of songs that could be used for “soaking” sessions.  Soaking sessions are intimate times of worship where people come together to hear from God and seek refreshing.

Those who know me, know I consider myself an honorary Indian (ha ha), so I am keen to keep an ear out for how God’s people express themselves in worship in that part of the world.

There’s something cool that Gangai is doing with this record.  A portion of every sale of “The New Song” goes to support Shore Home.  Shore Home is a Christian orphanage in Chennai, India that does amazing work with abandoned children (orphans, children of life-sentence prisoners, etc.)

Shore Home goes beyond providing basic needs and strives to secure the children’s future also by sending them to high quality schools.

So help support Gangai’s ministry and the Shore Home orphanage by purchasing the album.  It is currently available for sale at for ONLY $2.99.  If you want to hear the music before you buy, the title song can be streamed and/or downloaded for free at

Gangai has also launched a website with chord charts, video tutorials and other free resources – check it out at

GIVEAWAY: Drop a comment below to be entered into the giveaway.  In a few days I’ll pick a winner at random using and pass the winner’s email address to Gangai.


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