The Only Chick Ever To Make Me Cry

classicmimeI was away for a few days with some friends.  It’s amazing what new things you find out about people when you’re stuck in a van for 6 hours, right Joel?  Forget the mime guy, we’re not talking about that today.

I want to talk about Chick tracts.  Do you remember them?

Joel and I came from similar church backgrounds and we somehow got on to the discussion of these tracts and how our churches used them back in the day.

We used to stack them on a table at the back of the church.  As a pastor’s kid, I would have a bit of spare time hanging at church while people got things ready, so I’d often spend time just reading these little books.  I remember one so vividly.  In fact, when I read it as a kid it brought me to tears (first signs of being a worship leader I guess).

Joel found the web site today and sent it to me.  It didn’t take long for me to find (among the thousands there) the one I was looking for.  In fact, the title just came to me when browsing through the web site.

It was called “Somebody Loves Me“. I managed to hold back the tears this time when I read through it.  Honest.


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