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STORYCHURCH Set List – 13 Jan 2013 #sundaysetlists #worshipset


  • Happy Day – Tim Hughes (B)
  • Like A Lion – Daniel Bashta (B)
  • Enough – Chris Tomlin (G)
  • Set A Fire – United Pursuit (G)
  • How Great Is Our God – Chris Tomlin (G)

Another great morning at STORYCHURCH!  Today, STORYCHURCH turned 3 years old!  When we launched as a new church in January 2009, we kicked off the service with Happy Day.  This is why I’ve made sure we kick off every anniversary service so far with it.  😉

We started a new series today – less is more.  During communion we brought in a large mirror and asked people to write one attribute of God they would like to see more of in their lives this year – joy, peace, love, forgiveness, etc.  By the time everyone had participated, it was hard to see your own reflection any more.  Less of us, more of Him.

Enough was a new song for us today.  When I was putting this set together a few lyrics of this song came to mind and I spent a while with Google and iTunes until I found it.  I didn’t really like the Tomlin version of it.  I started to doubt whether I should have added it to the set.

Then I was talking to Jeremy on Friday and he said, “Have you ever heard of that song that goes ‘all of you is more than enough for…’“?  What?!  Guess that confirmed it right there.  I’m glad we kept it in now because it worked well with the response time.



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