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Jeremy & Kimi Copeland – We Appreciate You!


I would like to introduce to you, Jeremy and Kimi Copeland.

Background Story

The Copeland’s grew up in sunny California, where it’s cool to wear flannel shirts, flip flops and big beards.  They met in high school and Kimi, very early on, started teaching Jeremy lessons in patience and perseverance.  Eventually Kimi agreed to be Jeremy’s girlfriend.

Both Jeremy and Kimi worked in California as church youth pastors and for around 10 years routinely put kids’ lives in danger busing them throughout North and South America on mission trips.

They felt a call on their lives to start a church.  Together they dreamed long and they dreamed big.  All the way over on the east coast, in the state of North Carolina, lay the city of Durham, the place that God set on their hearts.

One day (August 1st, 2008), now known fondly as “Courage Day” in the Copeland household, Jeremy, Kimi and their two girls Hannah and Joy started the long drive from the west coast to the east.  What was ahead of them, they could not tell, they only knew that the next step was to make this courageous move.

The hard work then really began – networking with local pastors and gathering a team around them before launching the first official STORYCHURCH service on January 10th, 2010.


No-one (on earth) cares more for the STORYCHURCH community than Jeremy and Kimi.  They have a clear vision of how STORYCHURCH should be and continue to pour everything into this community to see their dreams come to fruition.

As goals are reached, God lays on their hearts bigger goals and greater plans.  The future is very exciting and I’m honored to be playing a small part in it.

One of the things I admire about Jeremy is his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  He is continually reading books,  listening to podcasts and attending conferences in the quest to become a better leader, teacher, father and pastor.

Very close to Jeremy’s heart is leadership development.  He believes very much in mentoring and pouring into potential and willing leaders both inside and outside our church.

I, for one, am very thankful for the time Jeremy has spent investing in me.  It wasn’t long ago I would not have had the patience for leadership-type books and speakers, and this type of personal growth in general.  Through knowing Jeremy and how he applies this knowledge in his life, has really inspired me.  Now I’m hooked – although, still not to the degree that Jeremy is!


I’m a pastor’s kid.  I know how crucial the role of a pastor’s wife is, and how often it goes unnoticed.  Jeremy and Kimi are a unit.  Jeremy would not be the man he is without Kimi’s support.

On top of the various challenges of being a pastor’s wife, Kimi is also the mother of three wonderful kids – Hannah, Joy and Isaiah.  Their family and their strong marriage is a great example to all.

Kimi shares Jeremy’s love for our community and city.  She has a big heart – very generous, and is always putting others before herself.  Kimi is always thinking of ways to bless and care for the people around her.

Her only weakness is understanding the Irish accent.  We need to work on that.

We Appreciate You!

I’m writing this so that Jeremy and Kimi know how much they are appreciated by me and my family and the people of STORYCHURCH.  I value my relationship with them both and how God uses Jeremy and Kimi to shape me and help me develop as both a Christ follower and leader in my field.


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