Video: Here For You – Matt Redman (Cover)

Jeremy, our hip and trendy pastor, actually told me about this song about a year ago, but it’s only recently that I connected with it.  Other people around me will tell you similar stories about recommending songs to me.  Right, Jillien?

We’ve used this song at least twice now at church and it seems to work very well with our wonderful STORYCHURCH people and will be in rotation for a while.

Just last night, local worship leader and friend Justin Teseniar popped round to the house and we shot a video of the song.  I think we may have kept my kids up half the night recording this – and a few of the neighbors.  Check it out!

I normally play this song in the key of B at STORYCHURCH, and don’t normally strain myself doing the harmony either!  In the video we are playing the song in C.

Musicians can find the chords of this song on


3 thoughts on “Video: Here For You – Matt Redman (Cover)

  1. Nah, I can’t imagine you taking an eternity *cough* 2 years *cough* to be convinced of a song that you will sing flawlessly and the congregation will instantly connect with.


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