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Review: SimpliSafe2 Home Security System

This is going to read a bit like an advertisement.  My intention is only to save you a few dollars each month if you happen to be on the search for an alarm system.  SimpliSafe did not pay me to write this review, nor did I receive the equipment for free.

SimpliSafeI live in a safe neighborhood.  I hadn’t planned on getting a security system, but I noticed recently we were the only house on the street without a yard sign.

This started to bug me, as it was becoming pretty clear to potential burglars was that our house was the easiest job on the street.

While we don’t have a lot of items of considerable monetary value, I do have computers full of invaluable data that an insurance company will never replace.  Our family photos, videos, song recordings, etc. are all stored on them.

So I decided to start the annoying task of researching and selecting a security company.

I hate being conned as much as the next guy so I’m terribly suspicious of all these security company websites that don’t tell you anything.  They want to call you, or visit your house and lay down the hard sell.  My eyes roll just writing that.

I can’t remember how I found SimpliSafe, but I immediately was impressed by their website and their approach to the alarm business.  Nothing was hidden, everything was laid out clear and concise.

Here are some of the reasons I ended up going with them.

  • Cellular connection to the monitoring station as standard – I don’t have a land line, and other alarm companies actually add on average $10 to the monthly subscription for cellular connections.
  • Totally customized system – I could choose the components I want and add to it at any time.
  • Wireless system – You install the alarm yourself.  Couldn’t be easier.
  • No contracts – Oh, how I detest contracts! With Simplisafe there are none.  You can start and stop monitoring as you please.
  • Key fob – This is great for arming/disarming the alarm from a distance (e.g. driveway, bedroom, etc.).
  • Monitoring – starting at only $15 a month!

I have been using the system now for nearly two months and I’m very happy with it.  If you would like a referral to get some discount off your SimpliSafe system, let me know, I’d be happy to send you one.


38 thoughts on “Review: SimpliSafe2 Home Security System

  1. emma tameside says:

    Hey Alastair, can I ask what the $15 monitoring includes? I’ve really like a referral if it’s still available? My email address should be attached to this comment somewhere. I wonder if I can get key fobs for the whole family too included in their price.

    To be honest, we’ve been looking all over for good home security products as we had a breakin scare recently… luckly they were disturbed and fled without taking any valuable, but it made me feel very vulnerable and it’s definitely time to put something together to make it more difficult for future attempts.

    How easy was the installation for you?


    • The $15 covers standard 24×7 monitoring. Installation was easy.

      Based on the url you tried to embed in your comments it seems you are coming from the UK. I’m not sure SimpliSafe is available in the UK at the moment. Try an online chat on their website to ask any questions you may have. I’ll send you are referral now shortly. Thanks!


  2. michael may says:

    Hi Alistair
    My neighbor was just broken into – so it’s time to install a security system. Received a quote of ~$5k for a security system plus ~$45 / month monitoring from a local security company. Now that’s for a fairly sophisticated system with 2 x webcams, but still very expensive. Looks like the simplisafe system ~$700 should do the trick. Thanks for the review. Could you send me a referral?


  3. MANAS says:

    Hey i like the review and am going to buy the system tomorrow. Is it possible to get a referral ?


  4. Edward says:

    I have been researching this product and came across your blog. What does a referral provide as far as a discount? Thanks, Edward


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