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Video: I Worship You O Lord (Original)

You can download a free MP3 of this song over at

The song is played in G and you can grab the chords here.

This is an original song of mine from many years back. Recently I rewrote the chorus and a line from one of the verses.  In the original version, I felt like the chorus departed a little from the theme and the main hook.  I liked the words, but the song needed a bit of release from the wordy verses.

Did you know that in iMovie you can switch on advanced controls in the preferences?!  Me neither!!  Why is this so hidden?!  Finally, my faith in iMovie is somewhat restored.  This video uses one of the advanced features (cutaway) that allowed me to piece together multiple video streams much easier.


I Worship You O Lord, You gave new life to me
You took upon Yourself my sin, You died upon a tree
Three days later You rose again, to reign in majesty
You gave us power to overcome our enemies

I worship You (x4)

I Worship You O Lord, You are so real to me
Stir up this fire within my heart, keep me on my knees
Hold me close until the end, don’t ever let me go
In You I place my everything, You are my hope

I worship You O Lord, always Your mercy flows
Send now Your Holy Spirit, to revive my soul
Delay Your coming yet some more, till everybody knows
You are the One who was and is, and is to come


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