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Adventures In Recording (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a series of blog posts following my experience of recording with Logic Pro and learning as I go.

Here is an update on Strength,  prior to John Wahba’s comments on Part 1 of this series.  I’d like to try what Wahba has suggested, particularly on the vocals, as I’m not super keen on the reverb sound I’m getting.  The aim of this post is to record my current settings and provide a bounced mp3 to compare against before making the next set of changes.

In the last post I mentioned recording a scratch track and then re-recording vocals and guitar.  I did try it.  The problem is, my condensor is a USB condensor and I could not seem to achieve the same latency compared to using the Focusrite Scarlett interface.  This meant that it not playback dead on the click, or against the percussion tracks I had added.  After listening again to what I had previously recorded, I decided to move on with those original takes.


I have a compressor on all three of the tracks (guitar 1, guitar 2 and vocal).


I have EQ on all three tracks.


I have Reverb (Space Designer) on all three tracks.  I find it hard to get the effect I like here.  The vocals have too much reverb in the version of the mp3 attached to this post.


I’m not quite sure of the order I should use these plug-ins.  For now, I have a limiter applied for each of three tracks as the last plug-in in the chain.

Strength MP3s

Here’s all versions of Strength to date.


10 thoughts on “Adventures In Recording (Part 2)

  1. wahbaman says:

    look forward to listening! at a glance, the vocals/guitar should have a *cut* (negative) in the mid range (2k-6k) of about 2db.
    as for order of fx, try this:
    -EQ > compressor > reverb
    -try putting the limiter on the master channel only with a gain reduction of only about 3db at the loudest parts of the song


  2. You definitely got a better sound the second time. The reverb is a bit out of control, but it has a certain charm to it. One of my favorite albums is Grace by Jeff Buckley and he has quite a bit of reverb on it. Makes it sound like he’s playing in a cathedral.


    • AlastairVance says:

       @Brandon Christian Hopefully the next iteration will be even better.  I’m going to cut that reverb way back.


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  4. mikeymo1741 says:

    It’s been interesting reading this, and you’re definitely improving the product as you go.  It was a revelation when we did  the album how much is done in “post.”   Since it was such a big project, we had to get away from the idea we needed to to things in a single take.   There are literally takes that are three seconds long in there.  
    Keep plugging away at it.  I love doing that stuff, and it can be very rewarding.   I’ve probably done five different mixes of some of the songs, just because it was fun to do it.  


    • AlastairVance says:

       @mikeymo1741 Thanks Mike.  I just posted part 3 earlier this evening and I’m working at the moment again on the track.  I’m going to have to stop soon and get the kids something to eat though.  😉
      Thanks for reading along.


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