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Experiments In Giving Our Congregations Opportunity To Respond

Corporate worship doesn’t have to be (nor should it be) all about singing.  To the average congregation member “worship” = “singing”, but not everyone likes to sing and that is OK.  Worship leaders and church leaders should know that singing is only one way to worship God.  Does that concept work in our corporate worship setting?

Gangai Victor from VOTIVE PRAISE asked me to write a guest post for his blog.  I eventually got around to delivering the post to him last week after a few friendly reminders!  Ha ha!  Gangai asked me to write about using different elements during our services as part of our worship (particularly in the wake of our Creative Worship day last year).  I quite liked being assigned a specific topic to write a post around.  I tried not to drift too much!

You can read the full post over on Votive Praise here.  I would also encourage you to bookmark Gangai’s website (do people bookmark any more??) and have a good browse through the other articles he posts.  Lots of good stuff there for worship leaders.


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