My Favorite iPhone Photo Apps in 2011

I love taking photos on my iPhone. It’s always there, enabling me to capture any event, planned or unplanned. This post is about the iPhone apps I use to edit and share the photos online.

QuadCamera was one of the first photo apps I purchased.  It was pretty cool at the time and allowed to take a quick succession of photos and arrange them 2×2 or 4×1, etc.  I don’t use it any more at all.  I prefer to have more control over the individual photos and arrange them with another app instead.

Any photos I post via Instagram goes straight on to Flickr.  I like to keep a copy of photos on Flickr because of all the neat Flickr plugins you get for WordPress.  My photos page is simply a plugin pointed at my Flickr account and displays my last 100 or so images.  Maintenance free!

Hipstamatic is a cool app.  I used to use it constantly.  You select a film type and a lens type before you take a shot.  One of it’s great features is also one of it’s drawbacks.  When you capture an image, although it’s usually a work of art, you are never quite sure what you’re going to get.  This is so good if you are trying to create a certain feel for your image.  Another drawback for me is that you can not load external images in and process them.

This app is seriously the elephant’s danglies.  I love Camera+.  If you pick up any of applications mentioned here, make it this one.  You won’t regret it.  This replaced Hipstamatic for me.  It’s worth the price alone for their clarity filter.  There are plenty more cool photo filters to pick from.  You can take photos with the app, or load in photos from your photo library.  I use Camera+ with almost every photo I take on my iPhone.  If there was one improvement I would make it would be more control over the tilt-shift and depth of field filters.

You don’t know what HDR is?  Check out this Wikipedia article. I bought this app when I had the iPhone 3GS.  Since owning the iPhone 4S which has a built-in HDR option I have not used Pro HDR.  It’s still a great app and I have been really happy with some of the results.  It works great as the sun is going down.  The iPhone 4S HDR option is a lot faster when processing than Pro HDR.

Don’t need QuadCamera any more when you have an app like PhotoShake.  Load in photos from your photo library and arrange them in many different layouts and save as one image.  I normally edit the photos and apply filters before loading into PhotoShake, but it has it’s own range of photo editing options as well.  I often use PhotoShake to prepare photos for publishing to Instagram.

There’s a couple of apps that do what ColorSplash does, but I think this app is one of the better ones.  You can take a photo and make only parts of it in color.  You can get really cool results with this effect.  One of my favorite images I made with it is Noah with a pair of googles on.  A few apps were involved in making the finished image, but ColorSplash was used to put color back in his googles.

Panoramas! Everyone loves a panorama.  Back in the late 90’s, I worked in website design and everyone had to have a 360 panorama.  I mean everyone!  They are not as popular anymore, but AutoStitch still makes a great addition to my photo app collection.  I don’t make many complete 360s, but if I want to make a wider, or taller shot then AutoStitch comes in very useful indeed.

This app was free when I picked it up.  It loads a photo from your photo library and cartoon-izes it.  I was quite impressed with the results, I loved it.  I used it with pictures of my wife and my daughter.  I have not tried it with any other type of photo, but I think it does portrait type photos very well.  See the photo of Liz here – isn’t she lovely? ( <- brownie points).


Another app I picked up for free.  It has quite a few filters available, but it doesn’t really replace Camera+ for me.

I like Photogene.  I bought it specifically for it’s ability to apply filters/effects to certain parts of the image.  For example, in Noah’s Googles picture, I was able to load it in and apply a blur in the background only.  I hadn’t seen that in other apps before.  Photogene is pretty comprehensive and I believe the iPad version is pretty cool.  The user interface is very slick, but may take a while to get used to.  There are a lot of filter options for your photos, including frame styles.

If you like taking photos on your iPhone you need to be on Instagram if you’re not already!  It’s social networking for photos.  Post your artwork online and communicate with other users by posting comments on their photos.  I’ve been using Instagram for a while now and absolutely love it.  I wish it had a web interface to browse the photos – if anyone knows of one, let me know.


Any Missing?
Have I missed any must have iPhone photo app?  What are your favorites?


3 thoughts on “My Favorite iPhone Photo Apps in 2011

  1. Instagram on ipad is instapad, but you’re right no web interface that I know of as of yet. You gotta teach me how to set up flickr so that instagram goes straight there.


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