Change, the catalyst for Change

Sometimes it takes a change to occur before I make a change.  The latter change is usually one I should have made long ago.

When I was at high school I wasn’t as open about being a Christian as I should have been. After graduating from High School I moved to another school to do my A-Level examinations. I decided to use the fresh start to be more open about my beliefs.

Back in 2006 I let myself get too busy with work and other tasks. It was affecting my health and my family. Again change came – an opportunity to work in the United States. I used the move to help me re-prioritize and put family first again.

I’m sure there are many more examples in the past, but once again, now in the present, I’m faced with change. We’re moving to a new neighborhood in a couple of weeks.

In my current neighborhood I have not made enough effort to build proper relationships. I have not made enough effort to share Jesus with others. Sure, I stick a Story Church sign in my lawn once in a while and just hope one of my neighbors ask me about it. I’m not particularly happy about that approach – nor has it seemed to be successful so far.

So, I hope to use this change, this move, to be a better neighbor – to socialize and get to know the people around us on our street – to represent Jesus well.

Our God is all about second chances and God knows I’ve had plenty of them.

Have you any examples of where you have taken advantage of change in the past?  Do you have change ahead of you right now?  How are you going to make the most of it?

Have you just moved to a new area and know it’s time to check out a church?  Maybe it’s a while since you attended church but have made a new year resolution to come back?  Or have you just changed jobs and know it’s time to be a better example of Jesus in the workplace?

Embrace the God given opportunities.


2 thoughts on “Change, the catalyst for Change

  1. Uncanny! I read this a couple of days ago and have been trying to respond since …

    Uncanny. I am EXACTLY like this! I have always seen a move as a chance on a new start!

    As a missionary/church planter it’s almost my business to be like this, but, that is NOT why I am that way! I genuinely feel I need to take advantage of new surroundings and being the unknown ‘new boy on the block’ to make a start for Kingdom work and advance in my new neighbourhood.

    When we moved to Canaries we sought to be of impact for the Gospel in our apartment block. I believe we were to a certain extent. Then again when we moved into a quiet village. The Lord allowed a measure of impact. Our move to Kansas City, and a sub-city of that metro area, called Belton, allowed us to see marvellous things happen in our neighbourhood. We had contact with everyone on our street and regularly had opportunities to tell Bible stories, make disciples, pray for the sick, pray with believers for the neighbourhood, long, evangelistic discussions, etc., etc.

    Moving back to Ireland in late 2005, we had 7 moves in the first 2 years, but really tried to see our move to our current place (house number 8) as a chance to ‘church plant’. It has not gone so well, because of my increased travel overseas, and, family circumstances that do not allow for a church to be established because of my infrequent presence in the neighbourhood. However, it has been thrilling to coach and help others start two churches. I am currently working on another with a friend who is trying to start a church, and there may be a fourth one this year. Sounds grand, but my role is small, really.

    Anyway, this whole topic SO rings true with me. It’s exactly how I see things. And will no doubt be the thing on my heart in the NEXT move too … 🙂


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